Top 3 Benjamin Moore Colors For Selling Your Home

Even though it may seem like a simple fix for a buyer to come in and paint a home, 9 times out of 10 they really don’t want to.

They want a home that is move in ready! So take that extra day and paint the home a more neutral, updated tone to help the new home owners have one less thing to worry about.

To help YOU not feel like a fish out of water at the paint store, we created a list of our top three Benjamin Moore paint choices.




This is a creamy off white color, that is sophisticated and has endless possibilities. The  extremely versatile color can be used throughout the entire home to give it the warm homey feel that buyers are looking for.



This color is not really silver, more of a greige color that is so trendy right now. It gives the home such a cozy feel, almost like you’re wrapped up in a blanket.



This blue gray color is great for bathrooms, bedrooms and even family rooms. Often you will notice the color changes depending on the lighting, it is an excellent choice for southern facing walls!


If you are still feeling overwhelmed, we are experts in color and are happy to assist in any way!



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