Staging Tips to Sell Your Home


Congratulations! Selling your home is such an exciting time. We have complied a list of top tips to help you get your home ready to be listed.

  1. Boost Curb Appeal! Because the exterior of the home is the first thing to be seen, you must make sure that your home is presentable and inviting to potential buyers. Once your front yard looks top notch, even your neighbors will be calling their friends to come take a look. A few tips to get that wow factor: power wash the siding and walk ways, make sure that your house number is easily visible, plant fresh greenery and blooming flowers, mow the lawn and seed areas that are looking sparse, wash all your windows, make sure that the paint or stain on your porch is looking good, if its chipping up add a fresh coat. Be certain that your front step or porch is inviting. Add a door mat and a fresh pot of flowers (add in fake flowers with your real ones to give them a fuller appearance and save on money) if you have evening showings make sure that the lights are on.
  2. Clean the house and clear out the clutter. It goes without saying that your home must be clean before pictures and showings. If you can see visible filth in the MLS pictures, buyers are not even going to waste their time booking a showing. After you have cleaned and had pictures, you must keep up on the cleaning and the clutter that will inevitably build up. If you are really serious about wanting to stage your home, ALL cutter must go! All the family pictures, toys and extra things lying around need to be put way. You are already moving, so take this advantage to jump start your packing. Even though you love your things and they are YOUR STYLE you must put your “buyers eyes” on and think realistically. Not everyone might like your taste and style. Take the time to go through your rooms carefully and start packing away items that make the room feel too full or over decorated.
  3. Balance your home. Although we just said to get rid of all your stuff, you still want it to be very appealing to buyers. You want to bring in elements such as fresh cut flowers, a basket of fresh fruit, or a bowl of lemons by the sink. This will give the homey feel buyers are looking for without feeling “lived”in. You want the buyers to envision them in your home, not you in your home.
  4. Style your table. Often the dining room gets over looked when you are getting your home ready to sell. Home owners tend to just see it as the table that they have dinner at and keep it bare for that evening ritual. As buyers will be walking through your home, you want to style that table to create a warm “at home” feel for them. We generally see tables set with plates, bowls, napkins and a great center piece. Try not to go for the over sized arrangement that makes the room feel formal and stiff. Try an nice series of smaller items lined up along the middle of the table. 
  5. Rearrange your furniture. It is very common for us as home owners to push our sofas up against the wall to give the room more space, this is a functional way of living. When staging you want to pull your furniture off the walls and create  symmetrical arrangements in pairs (lamps, chairs, sofas) to create an inviting conversation area. 
  6. Use Neutrals. As your Realtor will tell you when buying a house it’s not the time to buy a new car. As your stager I am going to tell you now is not the time to experiment with paint colors in your home. Im not saying paint your entire home white and keep it sterile, but stick with the neutral tones like a nice “greige” that will help you create a sophisticated backdrop that makes the home look more upscale and pulled together.
  7. Closets. My favorite topic! Everyone thinks, just shove all the clutter in the closet and no one will see it, wrong. Buyers WILL look in the closets and when they see your closets filled to the brim with junk making them appear half the size that they actually are, they will start to question if all their belongings will fit in. Closets can be a make or break item for buyers, make sure yours are only 50% full to give a larger appearance. 
  8. Use your extra rooms wisely. If your guest room has turned into storage room, lets clear it out and give a make over. You can get inexpensive pieces of furniture that have a very luxurious feel to them. If you just have spare room full of junk, think of what you could turn the space into. An office? A kids toy room? Clear out unused items that can be donated and drop them at Goodwill. Walk through your home and find pieces you can move to other rooms, this will help you take that extra room and make it something fabulous.
  9. Entice buyers to want explore the entire home. Place items that will draw the buyers eye to the top of the stairs, down the hall, in corners. You can pique curiosity and keep buyer interested throughout a whole home tour. Try things such as an alluring piece of artwork, a window seat, a vase of flowers, a hanging light, or even a small eccentric rug can work to draw the eye and bring them into the next room. Keep each room as interesting and flawless as the last.
  10. Think seasonally. Make sure that your decor on the inside and out matches the season or holiday that we are in. For Summer keep your garden and fire pit area cleaned up and in beautiful shape so that the buyers can imagine themselves having a nice BBQ there in the summer. As Fall rolls around take advantage of the cozy vibe you get by setting the fire place and simmering hot apple cider. 

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