Home Staging on a Budget

updatestone bath

On average people receive a $2 increase on sale price for every $1 put into staging a home.

We have complied a list of 5 Golden Rules to help you stage your home at the price of next to nothing!

  1. De-Personalize – Buyers need to envision themselves in the home, not you and your family. That family picture that might be your all time favorite may just be a huge distraction that could possibly prevent the buyers from seeing a home for their family. If taking down the family pictures will leave your walls empty try replacing them will a few canvases. Affordable Wall Art
  2. Maximize: De-Clutter and maximize the space in your home. Closets that are tightly packed will make it appear smaller and make your home seem as though it lacks closet space, and this can be a huge turn off. Try to have your closets only half full to give the appearance that they are larger. Closet Organization
  3. Sanitize: The CHEAPEST and easiest way to stage your home is to clean it! Seems simple right? Well not for everyone. It is well worth your time spent cleaning from top to bottom, from base boards to selling fans, don’t leave an inch untouched.After all, if you dislike a sink full of dirty dishes, won’t the buyer too?
  4. Modernize: ALL homes can benefit from some updating. If a buyer feels the home is dated, they will reflect that with lower offer. Consider simple changes such as cabinet fixtures, cleaning your fridge (yes, they will look), removing rugs that make the space feel smaller, and even adding stainless steel stick on coverings to flat faced appliances.  Stainless Stick Ons
  5. Neutralize: Color can make or break a buyers interest. You may love your daughters bright pink bedroom, but the buyer could be turned off by it. Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to change the look of the house. Take a look at some the paint trends going on for the year you are selling, and roll up those sleeves.  2018 Behr Color Trends

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