5 Home Trends of 2018

2017 saw exposed lighting, rose gold accents and L O T S of subway tile. 2018 was predicted to be the year of patterns, velvet and timeless pieces. Not only are these 2018 trends making their way into our homes, but they have been popping up in our fashion as well!

As we are now 5 months into 2018, lets take a look at 5 design trends that have been happening thus far.



natural bath

We have watched 2018 step away from the tech obsessed trends and step into the fresh look of concrete, granite, metals, copper and stone. Bringing the outdoor elements inside has a way of making a room feel peaceful and comforting. Concrete has been taking 2018 by storm, from counter tops to shower walls we are seeing concrete everywhere and we are not complaining!




Floral trends are timeless and something that we have seen for a while, but this year we are seeing florals in a new light. We have seen them being used in exaggerated proportions and with contrasting colors. Floral patterns are being seen used as simple as accent pillows all the way to wall paper ( yet another trend thats making a return? we shall see)




Out with the old and in with the new. We are saying good bye to the rose gold extremes for 2017 and saying hello to the rich hues of copper this year. Whether your using it as backsplash in your kitchen, fixtures in your bathroom or spread through out the house, we are giving copper a B I G  thumbs up!




Yes, yes, yes white and gray are still very timeless and very IN, but if you’re kinda getting a little bored of staring at your sterile walls, try something dark… much darker. There is just something about a navy blue room that keep drawing us in. If you’re getting that itch to change up the plain Jane paint in your house try one of our favorites, Black Flame by PPG! The beautiful blend of navy and black will turn any room from drab to fab.




As noted before, white – still in, but why not add some color to your life, especially where you spend a ton of time, the K I T C H E N! We are digging the two tone cabinets and colored cabinets this year. Something about a beautiful blue kitchen island takes me straight from reality and to the beach.




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