Camouflaging Room Flaws with Home Staging

Even though you may love your home, it does have flaws, everyone’s does. I love coming home to my house but even my home has flaws that I can’t stand. When selling your home you may think these things might have a negative impact but I have some tips and tricks to help you disguise those eyes sores and create an inviting space! A well staged home will draw attention away from the negative objects and towards the homes more positive features.


Tiny windows are usually a set back for buyers, but hanging your curtains wider and closer to the ceiling can expand the space.


Unsightly wires, *cringe*, we all hate staring at those hideous TV and lamp plugs! A large full plant is great way to hide the cords and liven up the room.  Use hooks to hang the cords on to the TV stand or desk.


A small and dark room may make buyers turn away. Mirrors are a great way to make a space look bigger and brighten a room, also using a lamp to bring in the light is a great choice.


Bumpy and uneven walls are and easy fix with a low sheen paint. Use an eggshell or satin to help draw attention away from the wall flaws. Using a flat is okay in a low traffic area, but it tends to scuff easily so I would advise only using this in rooms that are not used frequently.


Make sure your house is clean! Something that is a no brainer for some isn’t for others. A clean home is refreshing and has a welcoming feel to it!


Make sure your home smells great. Smells are linked to feelings and often bring back memories. One of the first things a buyer is going to notice when they walk through the door is the way your home smells. One trick that some Realtors use is to bake a little bit of vanilla extract in the oven before an open house! Don’t forget to take out the trash and clean the cat boxes!

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